What can we say about the 400ex. We consider it to be one of the greatest pioneer bikes. A very well rounded quad that has a virtually bullet proof motor. This bike works well for the track, trail, desert, dunes, racing or just for fun. A very comfortable and enjoyable bike to ride. Over the past years the 400ex has been bashed for not having a lot of power (compared to the new quads) but lets not forget it's the bike that rejuvenated the ATV industry. It may not be the fastest bike out there, but we LOVE it!! Our recommendation on this bike is +2 or +3 A arms and +1 14 swing arm. The reason for the longer swing arm is to make the weight bias just right. The 400ex has a very light front end (this make a great wheelie machine). We do not really recommend going forward with the A arms. Doing this would transfer more weight to the rear wheels creating more "hook up" than it already has. We would also recommend running 4-1 front wheels instead of the stock 3-2 set up. This changes the scrub radius for better, and allows +3 arms while retaining the width of +2 with stock wheels.

  • 4130 Chromoly Construction
  • NO Spindle Modifications Needed
  • Available in +2 & +3 lengths

  • Exclusive Quad Tube design
  • Uses stock carrier
  • Stock or + Lengths
  • Hand built per order
  • Several shock options
  • Long Travel available