Upgrade or Add-On Kits

All bushings wear over time, it's a fact of life. Every time your arm pivots up and down there is the smallest amount of wear. JD Performance suggests that you replace your bushings every other year, unless you use your quad for racing, then every year is suggested.

The best way to increase the life of your bushings is to add a bearing kit to your front end!

Adding a bearing to the front pivot points of your quad is a very subtle yet affective upgrade. The bearing will eliminate the wear around the barrel of the bushing, while providing a smooth, fluid like pivot from the arm.

A complete Bushing and Bearing kit includes bushings, inner sleeves and bearings for each pivot point of A-arms


If you have currently have JD A-arms, you can upgrade your current bushings to the bearing kit for only

*includes new inner sleeve, bushings and bearings for upper and lower arms


When ordering new JD A-arms, add-on a bearing kit for

*adds bearings to order of new complete set