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We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and we hope this will answer most of the questions you may have about your products.

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What are our A-arms made of?
All of our JD Performance A-arms are made of 4130 Chromoly. They are all 100% Tig Welded for quality and strength.

What does a "complete set" include?
A complete set includes the upper and lower A-arms, Ball Joints, Tie Rods and Bushings.

Why is your product better?
It isn't that our product is better than the rest, they are just quality engineered and made with care. All of our arms are hand welded by the same builder, to ensure consistency in our construction. Our builder has been in the ATV industry for 10+ years, and knows what it takes to make our products last.

Why are your a-arms priced so low?
Rather than selling exclusively to dealers (like many of our competitors) we have chosen to sell directly to the customer. Because of this, the product is not marked up, thus saving you money! We also feel is it important that we give our customers great product support with everything we make!

What finish is on your A-arms?
All of our A-arms have a two stage powder coat with a clear coat on top, while the tie-rods are all nickel plated.

Are your A-arms adjustable?
Yes, we offer adjustable camber (wheel tilt side to side) while the caster has been pre-set (A-arm tilt).

What are "Free Movement" Ball Joints?
Free movement ball joints have lighter springs on the inside that make your front wheels turn easier and handle better. Most of our competition uses ball joints that are originally intended for trucks or other vehicles, while our ball joints are from lightweight Volkswagens. This allows for easier steering, and less arm pump for the rider.

Are the JD A-arms ever sold with a different name?
JD Performance A-arms are made by us, for us. At no time will we put another name on our arms, or sell them as "someone elses". To assure that you have authentic JD arms, look for the JD lazer cut in the shock mount on the lower arms (arms made after February 2001).

What is your Warranty and Liability Disclaimer?
  The purchaser understands, recognizes and agrees that the suitability of any part sold or manufactured by JD Performance for a particular application is the purchaseršs decision and that the purchaser is not relying on the skill or judgment of JD Performance regarding suitability of any product or service. Prices and product designs are subject to change without notice. All parts manufactured by JD Performance have a one year limited warranty against defects in material. Liability is limited to repair or replacement of the defective parts to the original purchaser only. This warranty shall not apply to any product which has been repaired or altered in any way so as in our judgment to affect its performance, including those parts that have been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence or any other occurrence beyond the control of JD Performance. JD Performance reserves the right to determine if claims are legitimate. We do not warranty moving parts such as ball joints, bearings, or bushings. JD Performance is not liable for consequential damage or injury due to the use or misuse of any product built or sold by JD Performance. JD Performance is not responsible for any chrome, powder-coat or other finishes damanged as a result of normal wear and tear or any warrantied repair performed by JD Performance.