JD Performance FASTER CASTER is now included for FREE on every set we sell!

With every A-arm company trying to develop a fancy way to adjust the caster on your ATV, we decided that the adjustment shouldn't only be accurate and reliable, but it should be FASTER!

If you use the same quad for MX, Grand Prix, Desert and Woods riding, caster adjustments can take up a huge part of your prep time. JD Performance FASTER CASTER has 3 simple settings that can be changed in as little as 10 minutes.

Other comnpanies may charge as much as $300 more for their confusing and over-rated caster adjustment system. JD Performance feels that this adjustment is such an important part of customizing your ATV, we've decided to include it free of charge on all sets we sell!

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We suggest you try all 3 settings!

Caster adjustment

To set the caster is the fastest and easiest in the industry. The top arms have "caster shims". Simply remove the top A arm bolts (or 1 bolt for Yamaha) and relocate the shims and shift the arm forward or back. The whole process takes 5 to 10 minutes, and adjusting the caster does not affect your camber settings.


The Desert setting has both "Caster Shims" located on the front side of the A-arm. This setting will slow down the steering and allow for higher speeds and straighter tracking. If you enjoy riding FULL THROTTLE through the desert or sand dunes, then this may be the best setting for your bike!


The Woods setting is the closest setting to stock (in most cases). This setting will keep your ATV turning much like it did before you upgrade to JD Performance A-arms. To get this setting, simply put one "caster shim" on either side of the a-arm. Responsive predictable steering!


The MX setting is agressive! If you are looking for tighter, quicker turning with minimum effort, then the MX setting is the one you want! The tight turns and quick movements needed for Motocross makes the MX setting a must for many racers. Its quick and easy to get this setting, just put both "Caster Shims" on the back side of the A-arm mounts.