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    MOTOWOZ shock bodies begin with high-quality, honed hydraulic cylinder tubing that is CNC machined. The bodies are then polished and plated for a superior look and full protection from the elements. The fully threaded bodies allow for infinite adjustability, while also utilizing “Stub Acme” threads, which are very resilient to damage.
Aircraft quality aluminum billet parts are used throughout each MOTOWOZ shock. High-quality material and precision manufacturing makes MOTOWOZ components incredibly strong compared to some competitors’ stamped or casted parts.

MOTOWOZ utilizes heavy-duty, alloy over-sized shafts of 5/8 of an inch. All shafts are ground and hard chromed to military specifications. This type of plating is extremely durable and provides a smooth surface for the seals to ride on—extending the life of the seal.
    From the beginning, Elka Suspension has been committed to its customers. Each and every one deserves the same high-quality products and attention as any professional racer, regardless of their riding abilities. We have earned our reputation one customer at a time by offering truly custom-built suspension products, delivered within the fastest turnaround time in the industry and backed by the best customer service.

Elka Suspension has become one of the leaders in the ATV suspension industry, one customer at a time. Our team has always been composed of dedicated people with a strong passion for the sport. We truly live and breathe for racing and riding.

We believe that professional racers are not the only ones who deserve the performance of a custom-built suspension system. What works for them should also be put to work for you. That’s why we use valuable racing experience to develop advanced shock absorbers and make them available to everyone. 
    New Elka stage 5 ATV RACING SHOCKS are now available

The Stage 5 ATV shocks are the latest evolution of our high-performance racing platform. It is designed around 3 key performance factors: high hydraulic flow, lightweight components and low-friction internal and moving parts.

The massive oil displacement of our new High-Flow internals allow a much more precise tuning and smoother damping action than anything else currently available for ATVs. Riders can get better bump absorption, greater comfort and will reduce their lap times significantly.

There is no need to explain all the obvious benefits from reducing the overall weight of your vehicle. By using lightweight components, such as our new redesigned springs, the Stage 5 shocks not only helps reduce overall weight but they can also be more responsive because there is less mass to move (less inertia).

The Stage 5's low friction internals dramatically reduce the stiction, the initial stickiness caused by the friction of internal moving parts against the seals. All those features combined make the Stage 5 the most comfortable and best performing racing shocks on the market today.

Are your shocks slowing your down and keeping you from winning races? PEP Shocks are used by thousands of riders in every class including Pro. All PEP Shocks are engineered for ATV Racing with winning in mind.

The "ZERO PRELOAD SYSTEM" is our unique design that has adjustable ride height so the chasis can be set at a low ride height while having long travel.  For example a vehicle with 12 inches of travel could be set to sit at a height of a vehicle with 9 inches of travel and be adjusted in height up or down from there.  This provides a low center of gravity that increases cornering speed.  The chassis floats on the suspension for maximum weight transfer and traction for faster acceleration off starts, off corners and lift for jumps.  By isolating the chassis from the suspension this way, ZPS reduces impact and fatigue to both the chassis and rider.  Smoother and more controllable means faster.  PEP ZPS suspensions have been used to win every class of the Grand National Championships, a first for any suspension company.  All ZPS suspensions come pre-set from the information taken when ordered and come with set-up and fine tuning explanation sheets.


Rear Shock Conversions - $450
Convert your stock rear shock to a Dual Rate ZPS shock!
Complete revalving and all new springs.
Contact JD for all details!

In addition to our A-Arms, Stems and Swing Arms we are proud to carry top quality products from ...
AC Racing, Baja Designs, Durablue, Elka Suspension, Lonestar, Rekluse, Streamline Brakelines
TCS Shocks, Trail Tech, Verde Powersports and many more!

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