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We all know that the LTR450 is a great MX Bike... but what about those who want to race or ride in the woods? JD Performance has developed the best set-ups for those riders and racers. The JD Performance -1 kit will reduce the width of your bike by 2 inches and allow you to go faster in the woods! Don't worry, for those of you who think you need more width for MX, we've got you covered as well... our Stock, +1/2 and +1 kits are second to none!

"I love these a arms, you can't beat them for the price. Thanks for a great product" Chris Porter #22
    A-Arms      Shocks 
  • 4130 Chromoly Construction
  • Powerder Coated To Any Color
  • Available in -1, Stock, +1/2 & +1
  • Standard and Long Shock Available
  • FREE Faster Caster!
    Std Shock Arms = $575
    Std Shock MGC = $649
    Long Shock Arms = $675
    Long Shock MGC Arms = $749
    We recommend MOTOWOZ Shocks!!!
  • Hand built per order
  • Several shock options
  • Long Travel available.
Suzuki 12mm tie rod ends
Suzuki tie rods with ends
  Tie Rod End Upgrade 

Upgrade your early model Yamaha/Suzuki tie rod ends.

The weakest link in these quads is the small 10mm male threaded ends.  All raptor 660,04/05 yfz, raptor 250, banshee, and blasters have the smaller ends. In 06 Yamaha stepped it up to a 12mm. We have complete kits (2  12mm tie rods and 4 new 12mm ends) to upgrade what you have now. And we also have the tie rod end upgrade you can get when you order your arms.


Note When you get the upgrade in your arm kit, you will get 12mm tie rods instead of the 10mm


So if you are upgrading your old setup, or purchasing new arms, or just have worn out ends on your quad , we have you covered.


Upgraded tie rod ends in a/arm kit   $80

2  tie rods with 4 new ends   $129


Kits are available for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki

We love this bike. We consider this bike to be a modern version of the 400ex with reverse and some new technology Our recommendation on this bike is +2 or +3 A arms and +1 1Ž4 swing arm. The reason for the longer swing arm is to make the weight bias just right. The 400ex has a very light front end (this make a great wheelie machine). We do not really recommend going forward with the A arms. Doing this would transfer more weight to the rear wheels creating more "hook up" than it already has. We would also recommend running 4-1 front wheels instead of the stock 3-2 set up. This changes the scrub radius for better, and allows +3 arms while retaining the width of +2 with stock wheels.
    A-Arms      Swing Arm      Shocks 
  • 4130 Chromoly Construction

  • NO Spindle Modifications Needed

  • Available in +2 & +3 lengths

    Std Shock Arms = $575
    Std Shock MGC = $649
    Long Shock Arms = $675
    Long Shock MGC Arms = $749
  • Exclusive Quad Tube design

  • Uses stock carrier

  • Stock + lengths

  • Exclusive Quad Tube design

  • Uses stock carrier

  • Stock or + Lengths


All prices are subject to change based on order and custom changes to your particular order. No Returns on custom orders.

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