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Now we are talking STRONG. Why is it that the factories don't make ATV frames out of square tubing? Because square tubing BREAKS. JD Performance had designed the strongest swing arm on the market. With our exclusive "quad tube" design, the JD Swing arm has proven to be virtually unbreakable.  We invite you to order the JD swing arm and ride as HARD as you like!

$825.00 JD Performance Exclusive Swingarms

We realize that you have many choices in swingarms to choose from.  However our exclusive swingarm is designed totally different than the rest. They are much more rigid than the rest, and are much more labor intensive to build. (trust me, I weld them).  So if you are looking for an inexpensive quick to get swingarm, then this is probably not for you.  But if are looking for strong, handbuilt, cool looking, with the JD reputation behind it, then here ya go. 

Currently available for the TRX450r


Custom JD Performance swingarms are available for other models.  Contact JD to discuss a custom build for your quad. 

Our "Quad Tube" design has proven to have unmatched strength. While riding your quad, you are putting many different forces on your bike and the one part that takes most of the abuse is the swing arm.  Twisting in the corners, compressing off a jump, and literally getting beat up in the whoops, you basically abuse this part more than any other part on your bike.  Each of the 4 tubes of the swing arms helps to dissipate the pressure and divides the torsional forces and lowers the amount of stress that any one part of the swing arms must handle. It basically divides the work between the 4 tubes. All other aftermarket swing arms are made out of square tubing, that, let's face it, breaks. Using square tubing that inherently has weak spots (corners) and expecting it to handle multi-directional impacts simply doesn't make sense.


These innovative swing arms have been expertly designed to fit all of the latest Sport Quads on the market. Each of the bikes has it's own differences and we have pin pointed them and created a line of perfect fitting long lasting swing arms.


With our years of ATV building and extensive knowledge of suspension and drive train components, we have accurately determined what length would be best for each bike. Some bikes feel "heavy" in the front, while others are "wheelie machines". While this may be good while ripping up Glamis, it isn't always best on the MX track or GNCC National. Riding style and desired affects can be matched to the length of your swing arm to ensure that you get the most of out of your "Quad Tube" swing arm


All prices are subject to change based on order and custom changes to your particular order. No Returns on custom orders. Average turn around from order date to ship date is about 2-4 weeks.  Please call with any questions.

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