We love this bike. We consider this bike to be a modern version of the 400ex with reverse and some new technology Our recommendation on this bike is +2 or +3 A arms and +1 14 swing arm. The reason for the longer swing arm is to make the weight bias just right. The 400ex has a very light front end (this make a great wheelie machine). We do not really recommend going forward with the A arms. Doing this would transfer more weight to the rear wheels creating more "hook up" than it already has. We would also recommend running 4-1 front wheels instead of the stock 3-2 set up. This changes the scrub radius for better, and allows +3 arms while retaining the width of +2 with stock wheels.

  • 4130 Chromoly Construction
  • Adjustable Caster/Camber
  • Available in +2,+2+1 lengths

  • Exclusive Quad Tube design
  • Honda Style Carrier
  • Stock or + Lengths
  • Hand built per order
  • Several shock options
  • Long Travel available