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Dirt Wheels - April 2000

Stabler, smoother ride

Most high performance ATVs feel a bit short and narrow when your wicking them wide open down a rough trail, especially in high gear. The theory is that as speed increases, particularly on a bumpy surface, the ability of the front end to track straight decreases.

One of the most common cures for this malady has been known to most long-distance desert racers for some time. Increase the front end's track width and you will have a smoother, more in-control ride. To do this, most desert racers run longer A-arms, anywhere from +2" on either side, all the way to +4" longer. As they say in those car commercials, wider is better.

How Wide, Clyde?
Coming up with a set of wider A-arms for your quad is not as simple you might think. You have to take in to account varying leverage angles, ball joint heights, and all sorts of variables that can change drastically with increased length.

JD Performance specialized in making high quality, 4130 chromoly tube A-arms for Honda TRX 250R's, and 400EXs. They have determined that increasing the width on either side of the 250R or 400EX by +2" will smooth out the handling and make the machine much more stable at speed in rough terrain than with the standard length A-arms.

To put them to the test we installed a set of their +2" chromoly A-arms on our Honda 400EX. First of all, the arms came complete with rebuildable ball joins. The welds and construction are first rate. They installed easily on our test quad with all the holes lining up and the fit was perfect.

The ride down a particularly whooped-out section of high-speed trail was as different as night and day. We could fly down the roughest sections of trail and road without swapping or bouncing around like we had on our stockier. The extra 4 inches of front end width gave our 400EX the stability and sureness that allowed us to keep the throttle pinned even when over the worst bumps.

The downside is that on narrow, tree-laden trails, you will have to be more careful threading the needle. The extra front end width here is a disadvantage. but for stability at high speeds on rough terrain, longer A-arms are the hot ticket. JD Performance offers a high quality product at a competitive price.....