JD Performance Steering Stems are not only expertly designed, but they are built to last. Using a heavier gage tubing allows for added strength, while precision design provides superior fit.

Not all riders are the same size, but all Quads are, so adjust the ergonomics of your bike with a PLUS length stem. Improve comfort with Anti-vibe mounts.

JD Steering Stems
Available in Stock, +1 and +2 lengths
Also Stock and +1/2 forward

  • 4130 Chromoly Construction
  • Poly Urithane Anti-Vibe Bushings
  • Nickel Coated
  • Custom built to order

*Also available without clamps $229

Intelligent Design

In order to make a stem stronger, you need to start with a larger stronger tube. In order to provide extra strength and still use stock bushing, JD Performance starts with a larger diameter tube and reduces it where the bushing is positioned. This will allow for stronger bend resistance and allowing for all the stock bushing and clamps to fit perfectly. No other company has this much attention to detail.

Adjusted Fit

Are you to tall for your quad? Adding +1 or +2 inches to your stem could provide extra comfort for those who feel a bit cramped. Moving the clamps +1/2 forward can even adjust the balance of the quad by changing the position of your body. Call JD Performance and ask exactly how it could affect the way you ride.

Exact Engineering

Many companies are building stems, but very few understand what stresses your bike endures while riding or racing. JD Performance uses their years of experience to make sure that every stem has solid construction that will provide years of flawless use. We even offer a lifetime warranty on construction and materials.

Warranty covers quality of welds and faults in materials ONLY. In the rare occurance your stem bends, please call to see if JD Performance can straighten it for you.

All prices are subject to change based on order and custom changes to your particular order. Average turn around from order date to ship date is about 2-4 weeks.

Please call with any questions.