Basic Swing Arm Installation Instructions

Required Tools
Bike/Quad stand
Hammer or Mallet
Large Screw Driver
Bearring Greese
Allen Wrenchs
12mm socket or wrench
17mm socket or wrench *two of them
22mm Socket

Please follow the step by step directions one step at a time

Step 1 - Lift bike on to stand... make sure the swing arm is not resting on the stand so it can be easily removed.

Step 2 - Remove RIGHT rear tire and hub.

Step 3 - Remove large axle nut holding axle in place. Loosen small Allen set screw then use large channel locks to loosen and remove nut.

Step 4 - Remove the axle by sliding it out of the bearring carrier, you may need to give the end of the axle a tap with the hammer. be careful NOT to hit the threads on the end of the axle. While doing this, turn the axle and take the chain off the sprocket.

Step 5 - Remove the two bolts that hold on the brake caliper. use the 12mm socket to do this. when the bolts are removed, lift off the caliper and put it on the nerf bar or foot peg. slide the disk brake off the axle to the right.

Step 6 - Now it's the best time to remove the stock skid plates. Use a 10mm wrench to do this. Save the bolts for later.

Step 7 - Using the 22mm socket, remove the pivot bolt that holds the swing arm in place. the nut is located on the right side above the foot peg where you put the brake caliper. Loosen and remove nut. When this is done, use a LARGE screwdriver and the hammer to tap out the pivot bolt and pull it out the other side.

Step 8 - The last thing you need to do to remove the swing arm is the remove the bolt holding the linkage. It is under the swing arm. Use the two 17mm sockets to remove the bolt and remove the swing arm from the quad.

Step 9 - Your swing arm should be free now. You may have to give a little tug as it is snug in the frame.

Step 10 - In order to prepair the new swing arm for installation, you need to remove the dust caps from the old swing arm. Then remove the spacers that go thru the pivot bearrings. You also have to carefully remove the seals from the stock swingarm. These seals are located where the dust caps and spacers were. BE CAREFUL, this is the hardest part of the whole operation. Also remove the rubber piece that protects the swing arm from the chain.

Now we do everything in reverse.

Be sure you greese your new Carrier, we do not do this for you. why? so you learn how to do it, because it's part of regular maintenance.

Step 11 - Install rubber chain guide, seals, spacers and dust caps on to new swing arm *be sure to greese new pivot bearrings

Step 12 - When lining up the swing arm to install, make sure the chain goes over the swing arm, so it can get to the rear sprocket.

Step 13 - Start with the bolt in the linkage. You will need to use the 2 17mm sockets with extensions to do this. The bolt goes in the "tube" under the swing arm.

Step 14 - Now that the linkage is in place, it's easier to attatch the pivot bolt. you may need to tap it LIGHTLY to help it go thru the swing arm, the motor, and the other side of the swing arm. then put the nut back on and tighten.

Step 15 - Reinstall the skid plates

Step 16 - Insert the axle to your new carrier. *be sure to put the axle INSIDE of the chain.

Step 17 - Slide the disk brake back on and put the caliper over the disk. You will notice that the Brake plate and the caliper don't meet. Use the supplied spacers and longer bolts to attatch these. Also reinstall the large axle nut.

Step 18 - Adjust your chain by turning the new carrier in the housing. Use the supplied tool. Notice the axle is not in the middle of the carrier, when you turn it, make sure the axle is on the "bottom side". then tighten the dual pinch bolts with Allen Wrenches.

Step 19 - Put Right wheel and hub back on

Step 20 - check all nuts, bolts and connections one more time to make sure they are tightened properly

Step 21 - Go Big, but be safe! ALWAYS wear a helmet and full gear!

Regular Maintenance You should check EVERY nut and bolt after the first hour of riding. As you ride, things settle in, and you don't want anything to be loose. Regular maintenance will make your quad LAST LONGER.