Why upgrade your A-arms on your ATV?

Upgrading your ATV’s A-arms is a simple way to improve its performance. A good set of forward A-arms from Lonestar or Houser can help give you the ground clearance your machine requires on those difficult off-road trails.


  1. For long travel
  2. accommodate your riding style
  3. Higher clearance
  4. Durability/longevity
  5. Better value

A-Arms with Regular vs. Long Travel

The term “long-travel” is a bit of a misnomer. Long-travel A-arms can extend wheel travel by a few inches at most. Long-travel A-arms, on the other hand, allow you to install longer aftermarket shocks. This particular addition alters the suspension geometry to some extent.

In the meantime, “regular-travel” A-arms can use stock-length shocks and OEM mounting positions. If you want to keep your current shocks or can’t find long-travel shocks that work for your ride, this can be a huge benefit.

atv a-arms

Adjust the Suspension to Your ATV Riding Style

The benefit of custom-made Houser and Lonestar A-arms is that they provide ride and handling characteristics that can be tailored to your preferred riding style or the unique capabilities of your machine. These high-performance upgrades frequently include improved bearing and bracket designs for increased durability, as well as camber adjustments for finer tuning.

Higher Clearance for your ATV

If you want to stop dragging your suspension over every rock and bump on the trail but don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing a lift kit, a set of high clearance A-arms is a great option.

They add 1.5 to 2 inches of ground clearance to your suspension without requiring you to lift your machine. They raise the suspension’s profile by bending the tube structure of the lower arms. As a result, rather than hanging low to the ground, the A-arms more closely match the path your axle takes from the hub to the frame, and you won’t get hung up on things as much when driving off-road.

Durability / longevity of after market ATV A-arms

1.I have a 05 Miataspeed which I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve had my fair share of problems with the stock arm (both arms) and was thinking about swapping them out with aftermarket arms. I have two questions:

2. Does anyone know how long these aftermarket arms last? I don’t want to spend $150 on something that will just wear out after a few months.

3. How can I tell if an arm is worn out? Is it just the bearings that go bad?

Better value with after market ATV A-ARMS

Good quality a arms from aftermarket manufacturers just work better then the stock OEM ones that come with your ATV. They typicall cost less too!

How to change your A-ARMS yourself?

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